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Sowelo Chlorella is a high quality dietary supplement to supplement protein, vitamins and minerals in the daily diet.
Recommended intake: Consume one serving (two tablets) three times daily.
Ingredients: Chlorella Vulgaris.


Chlorella from Sowelo dietary supplement containing 1000mg of chlorella per serving, the product is free of additives, it is pure chlorella. Chlorella is an extraordinary alga originating from South Korea. It is a real vitamin bomb – it contains among others chlorophyll in large amounts, amino acids and folic acid.

Chlorella is characterized by a very high content of iron and vitamin B12. It is a rich source of chlorophyll as well as many vitamins and minerals, the highest content of which are vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins, as well as folic acid, lutein and beta carotene, which is a provitamin of vitamin A. It has multidirectional nutritional properties and is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Chlorella’s unique properties include detoxification in particular. It has the ability to bind and remove harmful substances from the body – toxins, heavy metals (cadmium, mercury, lead), alcohol, nitrates, pesticides and other chemicals present in polluted environments. It acts as a natural shield that prevents harmful substances from penetrating deep into the body. Furthermore, it accelerates the regeneration of the liver and supports its proper functioning.

Chlorella is mainly known for its positive effect on the immune system and is therefore ideal for periods of reduced stamina. The increased cellular activity of the green alga contributes to the fight against various viruses (e.g. colds) that attack the body.

It is often supplemented by vegans and vegetarians. In 100 g of this alga there is 58 g of complete protein. Chlorella also provides an adequate dose of iron, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the circulatory system.
Chlorella is known as one of the so-called superfoods, i.e. foods containing an exceptionally high amount of nutrients which are important for humans. The high value of the green alga as a natural food consumed by humans is proven by the vitamins and minerals it contains – including a very high concentration of chlorophyll.

Sowelo organic chlorella is a high quality dietary supplement that supplements the levels of protein, vitamins and minerals in the daily diet.

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