Biotin 2500mcg

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Sowelo Biotin is a high quality dietary supplement that supplements Biotin in the daily diet.
Recommended intake: Consume one serving (one tablet) per day.
Ingredients: D-Biotin, microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.


Biotin from Sowelo is a dietary supplement containing biotin (other names include Vitamin H or Vitamin B7). It is a vitamin- like substance, specifically a complex organic acid. Biotin 2500mcg tablets functions as a coenzyme, which is a catalyst for many different complex processes.

The most important properties of biotin are building healthy skin tissue, strong and gray resistant hair, producing healthy and flexible nail structure. It influences the activity of sebaceous glands, regulates their work and prevents seborrhea. It prevents skin flaking and moisturizes and regenerates the epidermis. This supplement also supports wound healing. Biotin is known to improve the condition of hair (due to participation in the metabolism of fatty acids) by improving its thickness, elasticity and shine. supports the rate of hair growth. It can inhibit the rate of graying of hair and also inhibits greasy hair. It has a strengthening effect on brittle nails, improving the condition of nails and reducing the formation of cracks.

Other less visible, but important from a health point of view, features include participation in the formation of prothrombin, which plays a role in blood clotting, and mediates glucose production. Biotin also supports thyroid function.
Through participation in the production of glucose, biotin influences the proper functioning of the nervous system, well-being and vitality, and sensitivity to stimuli and pain.

It does not only affect the appearance of our skin. This compound is also involved in the formation of prothrombin, which in turn plays a very important role in blood clotting. In addition, vitamin B7 participates in such important processes as the formation of fatty acids and gluconeogenesis, i.e. production of glucose. It also acts on the thyroid gland, supporting the work of this organ.

Its deficiency disrupts biochemical processes in the body. Symptoms of biotin deficiency are primarily related to the skin and can be seen with the naked eye. There appear on it various types of irritation, dryness, as well as inflammation. The skin can also change color to grayish, and sometimes there are symptoms that somewhat resemble psoriasis. The nail plate becomes thin and the nail itself becomes very brittle. Increased hair loss may also occur.

Sowelo Biotin is a high quality dietary supplement that supplements Biotin  in the daily diet.

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