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  • SELENIUM tablets

    2000 mcg of high quality selenium in one tablet

    • Supports the thyroid gland
    • Improves the immune system
    • Helps to remove free radicals
    SOWELO SELENIUM  improves immune system. Selenium is a essential micronutrient that is  necessary for the proper functioning of many enzymes. In our body,we can find selenium in skeletal muscle tissue. With the help of selenium, our body regulates many of its functions necessary for life. Optimization of hormone secretion by the thyroid gland, DNA synthesis, protection against infections - these are the most important functions of selenium. Selenium helps our body fight free radicals and reduces inflammatory processes. Selenium supports the functioning of the blood system and the production of red blood cells. The sources of selenium are varied. Selenium can be found in basil nuts, s...
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    Without additives and fillers

    • Rich source of vitamins and minerals
    • Cleanses the body of toxins
    • High in protein
    SOWELO SPIRULINA is a dietary supplement containing 500mg of spirulina in one tablet, the product is free from additional substances, it is pure spirulina. SPIRULINA is characterized by a very high protein content in dry matter - up to 70%. It is a source of many vitamins and minerals, the largest of which are vitamins A, D, C, E, K, B vitamins. SPIRULINA has detoxifying and cleansing properties, its anti-inflammatory effect is shown to support the treatment of skin lesions (acne). SPIRULINA is commonly referred to as "Superfood", ie food of natural origin with very rich pro-health properties. SOWELO SPIRULINA  is a product that meets European Union standards that define the cultivatio...
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    Extract with 95% saponins

    • Men`s hormone booster
    • 1000mg in each tablet
    • Increases libido and regeneration
    Tribulus terrestris tablets is a dietary supplement containing an extract from the fruit and root of the Tribulus terrestris plant. Tribulus terrestris is a plant known and appreciated for its properties, containing steroid saponins - substances that are distinguished by their beneficial effects in the male body. Tribulus terrestris extract was popularized in Europe in the early 1980s by amateurs of strength training, weightlifting and bodybuilding. They used tribulus because this plant showed important results for them, i.e. increased libido, increased muscle strength, accelerated regeneration, so these were the effects important for strength sports. As a result, the effect of the tribul...
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  • ULTRA OMEGA-3 Softgels

    Highly concentrated fatty acids

    • 500mg EPA, 250mg DHA in one softgel
    • Support for natural immunity
    SOWELO ULTRA Omega-3 concentrated fatty acids help prevent diseases, preserve youth and improve mood. Omega-3 acids are an exceptional building block of our cells. Thanks to them, the cell membrane works better, and it improves all life processes. Omega-3 acids can protect against the development of cancers, but those from fish are more effective (even eight times) than those from plants. Systematically supplemented levels of omega-3 fatty acids have a large impact on the high efficiency of thinking, understanding, memorizing and even creativity throughout our lives. Omega-3 concentrated fatty acids are essential fatty acids that we must supply from food. These incredibly healthy fatty...
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  • VITAMIN A tablets

    10000 IU in one tablet

    • Skin renewal and hydration
    • Increases the level of collagen & elastin
    • Effective anti-aging ingredient
    SOWELO VITAMIN A is a dietary supplement containing vitamin A, a substance necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Sowelo vitamin A supports immunity and is one of the most important and most widely effective fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A is a nutrient necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Vitamin A belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins. The most important functions of vitamin A are maintaining a healthy organ of vision, optimizing the functioning of the immune system, and the growth of a healthy embryo in the womb. The types of vitamin A can be distinguished into provitamin and the proper vitamin. Performed vitamin A is an active form of vitamin A, ready ...
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  • VITAMIN C 1000mg tablets

    High quality ascorbic acid

    • 1000mg of vitamin C
    • citrus bioflavonoids
    • strongest antioxidant
    SOVELO Vitamin C is a high quality dietary supplement supplementing the level of vitamin C in the daily diet. Recommended intake: 1 serving (1 tablet) daily, preferably with meal. Ingredients: Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), citrus bioflavonoids, magnesium stearate, microcristalline cellulose. Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not consume if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product. Not recommended for children and pregnant women. Storage: Store out of reach of small children, at room temperature, in a closed container and in a dry place. Protect from light and moisture.
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