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  • GABA tablets get 15% discount !

    750 mg of high quality GABA in one tablet

    • Anxiolytic and sedative effect
    • Supports deep sleep
    • Reducing the feeling of tension
    Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in our brain. Neurotransmitters act as transmitters, as a result of GABA's action it inhibits signals in the brain. Since GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, a calming effect is generated when the signal hits the receptor. As a result, we become calm, i.e. a state of relaxation, less tension and alertness. In practice, after using GABA, when we are nervous, we should feel an anti-nervous effect. Gamma aminobutyric acid helps to calm down and relax. As a result, it calms the nervous system and makes it easier to fall asleep. These properties of gamma aminobu...
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    A valuable anti aging product

    • Naticol fish collagen hydrolyzate
    • hydrates and firms the skin
    SOWELO HYALURONIC + COLLAGEN IS A PREPARATION CONTAINING  63mg of hyaluronic acid and 280mg of NATICOL fish collagen hydrolyzate - a recognized French manufacturer. Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, is a substance whose important function is to retain water in tissues, especially in the skin, connective tissue and eyes. Hyaluronic Acid has many uses, it is very popular as a supplement taken in capsules. The use of hyaluronic acid causes better skin hydration, which improves its appearance and elasticity. Doses of 120-240mg daily for at least one month have been scientifically shown to significantly increase skin moisture and reduce skin dryness in adults. Moisturized skin look...
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  • INOSITOL 500mg Tablets

    Improving well-being and the ability to concentrate

    • Lowers the level of bad cholesterol and blood sugar
    • 500mg of Mio-Inositol in one tablet
    • Has antidepressant properties
    Sowelo inositol 500mg tablets Inositol is also called vitamin B8, we can find it in fruits, beans and nuts. It is also possible to synthesize inositol from carbohydrates. Recent studies show that inositol supplementation is very important for the proper functioning of our body. Inositol can be defined as a type of sugar that fulfills many important tasks in our body. It acts as the main component of cell membranes. Inositol Affects the action of insulin, which is a hormone that controls blood sugar levels. In addition, it affects the secretion of chemical messengers in our brain - serotonin and dopamine. Inositol 500mg tablets helps to maintain the balance between neurotransmitters...
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  • K2 MK7 Tablets

    The natural form of vitamin K2

    • Improves bone density and mineralization
    • Reduces calcification of blood vessels
    • Supports blood clotting
    SOWELO K2 MK7 IS A PREPARATION CONTAINING 200mcg of vitamin K2 MK7 in one tablet. There are 3 types of vitamin K: K1, found in plant products (strawberries, tomatoes, green peas). K2, a natural form synthesized in the human gut. As a supplement produced in the fermentation of soybean or chickpeas with the participation of Bacillus subtilis or Bacillus licheniformis bacteria - identical to the natural bacterial flora found in our intestines. K3, a synthetic form of vitamin K1 SOWELO VITAMIN K2MK7 (MENACHINON-7) has a very important feature - it is of natural origin. Vitamin K2 plays an important role in our body. Affects the densification and mineralization of bone tissue, p...
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  • L-ARGININE capsules

    Essential amino acid

    • Nitric oxide precursor
    • Optimizes the immune system
    • Increases sexual performance
    SOWELO L-ARGININE CAPSULES IS A PREPARATION CONTAINING 500mg of L-ARGININE IN ONE CAPSULE "VEGAN FRIENDLY". L-Arginine is one of the amino acids. L-Arginine has many beneficial properties, it is a precursor to the production of other amino acids (L-glutamine, L-proline, creatine). It is an essential amino acid for the health and preservation of the body's immunity, with the participation of l-arginine, T lymphocytes are created - blood cells that have a huge impact on the body's immunity. L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, a signaling molecule involved in a variety of processes and functions in the body, including blood flow regulation, mitochondrial function, and cellular comm...
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    Strong nitric oxide precursor

    • Increases the power and endurance of muscles
    • Intensifies the pump and blood flow to the muscles
    SOWELO L-CITRULLINE MALATE IS A PREPARATION CONTAINING 2000mg OF L-CITRULLINE MALATE IN ONE PORTION L-citrulline is, next to L-arginine and L-ornithine, one of the three amino acids found in the urea cycle. Taking L-citrulline increases the level of ornithine and arginine in the plasma and improves the process of excretion of ammonia and the metabolism of nitric oxide. L-citrulline is used in areas where nitric oxide is an essential substance: in sports, for vascular health, and for improvement of erection . There are very few foods in food that contain significant amounts of citrulline, and watermelon is an exception in this case. Regular citrulline supplementation is beneficia...
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