CLA- Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Sowelo CLA 800 contains high dose of easily absorbed CLA in capsules. Linoleic acid has a major impact on metabolism, so we recommend using it for people who are trying to lose weight. Our body is not able to synthesize it itself, so supplementation is a good solution. One of the main features of linoleic acid is the accelerated metabolism, which results in the creation of suitable conditions for fat loss and muscle building. Significantly accelerates the effects of losing unnecessary kilograms during training. Studies have shown that CLA supplementation not only supports metabolic processes during supplementation, but also after CLA supplementation improves the anabolic environment. CLA supplementation is recommended especially for physically active individuals seeking to maintain lean, muscular silhouette, also because supporting the transport of nutrients accelerates the regeneration process.
– Reduces body fat
– Improves metabolism
– Boosts regeneration
– Reduces cellulite

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